korean veggies
Korean veggies
These are cabbages for our own use: chop choy, chinese cabbage and kale, up against corn.
To the left are a clover path and collards. To the right we’re growing Korean vegetables in different ground to see if it matters. According to the woman of the Korean supermarket Korean radishes don’t grow well in Northern Europe. We’ll see,
Beans. Lots and lots of beans. Some biggies (broad beans?) from Portugal.
Corn, looking a bit ragged at the end of a good season. Not too many birds, not too many mice, almost enough water, almost enough wind.
The Korean herb perilla, or shiso. I use it, cut fine, with spaghetti or I fill the big leaves with meat and veggies, fold them over and fry them, with or without a dip in eggs. Not bad.