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A map of our biking-range in the Algarve

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Last day: We Love Faro, We Love Fado

We had until 16:30 to do anyting we wanted in Faro. At that time we’d be picked up by cab and be brought to the airport. So we shopped (for fado CD’s), ate lunch and watched the city put on a show on an outdoor stage. After that? We left!

Along the coast and back to Faro

First along the muddy coast, then back to Faro.

On to Sao Bras de Alportel

Along the way we climb (walk, actually) to Querenca and have lunch there. Sardines. Salty, but that’s just to help Sweaty Eddy.

Along Silves and Barragem do Acade

Day 3. What a climb! We wind up in Alto, an appropriate name for a high-altitude village.

The Algarve Coast

My book says that Portugal imitated Spain and wrecked its Algarve coast by putting up big hotels. Sounds about right.