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That’s one big weed!

We bike through Loulé, almost to Vilamoura.

Portugal: Algarve – by bicycle

We have no time to bake in the sun; we have to bicycle 45 km per day to keep the memories of work away. We land in Faro and bicycle our way clockwise in 6 days to Silves, Alte, Tavira and back to Faro. The weather warms up when we get there and stays that […]

The Balcony, etc.

Since August 15 I’ve been sowing seeds indoors in seed blocks (as they’re called) and outdoors for the winter. Spinach, kale, mitsuna and carrots: we’re going to be eating them from the garden this winter. And in the meantime, the Big Smile sunflowers on the balcony are in bloom. Occasionally life is beautiful.