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This could turn into something beautiful

Misschien wordt dit ook wat Renske admits that she’s happier with dog. Renske geeft toe dat ze blijer is met hond.

Second Chance

We get to keep Miguel a second weekend. Chances slimmed somewhat after Renske tripped over him, stepped on his paw and broke two toes. But everything seems somewhat back to normal again, and the good people are giving us another chance. When Renske and the owners picked up Miquel at the vet (who set his […]

Miguel? Mikkie? Charlie?

Renske and I picked up Miguel (what’s in a name?) today. A sturdy Cocker Spaniel. It’s almost 10 at night and he’s just started slowing down. We keep him for the weekend to see if he’s anything for us. No dog will quite replace Browny, but it’s good for Renske to have a dog around […]