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Izzy really?

And now for a few more pictures of Izzy, made in December and January. By the way, we’re all getting pretty used to each other.

Dogs and such

We’ve been quiet for a while: typical for an introvert. But let’s catch up. Our dog, Mik, died in April, but you already knew that. For the past few months we’ve been looking for a new housemate, but Cockers are so popular, they’re gone before they even get posted on a site. Mission Pawsible sent […]

Goodbye Mik, We loved you!

Mik in the park in March.

Mik is back!

Everybody limps at our house. Renske has a case of ischias, Ray’s antibiotics are slowly taking effect and Mik has his broken leg in a soft cast. He also has a pin in the bone that’s broken. The soft cast comes off in three weeks, he should be healed in six. Ray is switching general […]

A week on the Isle of Texel

A wintery week on texel: cold, but sunny and dry. It was labeled a dog vacation, meaning that the three of us took long walks. Want to walk along?

Dr. Mik

Our dog is quite intelligent. A bit far-sighted, but smart. Can you say the same?

Mik is Back!

Sokje! The pins got taken out of Mik’s left back paw today. Operation a sucess. We call him Limpy Wimpy or Socks for the time being. But soon enough Renske will be taking him to doggie-lessons and we’ll be calling him Super Dog. (I hope.)


Just seconds before I took the picture, Renske was reading out loud to Mik. And he seemed to enjoy it.

Driebergen – Zeist

We took off for a long walk yesterday, a well-known trip from train station Driebergen-Zeist to Austerlitz. Mik probably knew the route well, as he used to live in Zeist. After the trip, Mik was a dead dog for the rest of the day. Of course, we were, too.

Fun in the snow

We’ve had some snow lately. Renske wasn’t able to take pictures all by herself yesterday: she came up a few hands short. Today the snow started melting. Which meant less winter wonderland photographs. But the melting also meant that we could make snowballs. A nice doggy treat for Mik.