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A Birthday bicycle trip in ZW-Friesland

One of my nicest, sunniest birthdays in recent years. We left Mik at a kennel and stayed at a hostel (I called it a Stay Away) for two nights. Rented a bike on my birthday and traveled 50 km (30 miles), against the wind, of all places! lat=”53.00880″ long=”5.60737″ lat=”52.97761″ long=”5.49532″ lat=”52.935″ long=”5.475″ lat=”52.8856962515″ long=”5.35814166069″

It’s beginning to look a lot like…Springtime!

Meijendel We took a trip to The Hague today, to the dunes to be exact. Meijendel. Most of the Hagenesen were there along with us. It was sunny and warm! Wunnaful a Wunnaful.

All cows are equal, some more than others

Renske keeps lookin’ for the perfect Frisian cow picture; we tried again and blew it. Better luck next time. Nothin’ personal Bessy. (If that’s not your name, it’s probably the cow’s.)

A Warm Weekend

Boekelo We bicycled this warm weekend in the neighborhood of Boekelo and Enschede. This encluded a trip through the wet peat of Witteveen. Wij fietsten dit warme weekend in de buurt van Boekelo en Enschede. Onder andere langs de natte Witteveenweg. We came across some b&w Frisian cows Renske has been trying to photograph under […]