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A short weekend Zeeland

Monday, 26 May 2014 Renske and I went to Walcheren, Zeeland this weekend to photograph an insect route. We worked with gps and a prayer. I hope we got all the right places. We topped it off the next day with a walk along the wide beaches of southern Zeeland. Mik went crazy.

Our hobbies (pump up the volume)

You heard it here first. We’ve got a Soviet 5-year plan that’s gonna last at least 15 years. It consists of the following: Pump up the garden and sell the surplus to the neighbors Pump up ourselves and sell our souls to a different employer Pump up our house, or move, and create a B&B; […]

Bugs in Amsterdam!

For those who want to know what I do once a year besides visiting with Karin, take a look at my Hymenoptera study day friends. The photograper’s shoulder (covered by red flannel shirt) is visable in one of the pictures.