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Stop the RRR! [Ridiculous Raise in Rent]

Renske and I demonstrated in Amsterdam against ridiculous raises in rent. It was a fun walk through the city, oars as oars. Now hoping it helps.

Happy New Year!

My kind of town

Back in the USSR Renske and I made it safetly to Chicago. Spent the first day travelling. Scratch the first day. Second day we dropped in on my dad and brother-in-law, Mike. Surprise! Checked up on dad, who seems to be stable, and talked to my sister and niece on the phone. Then took off […]

Happy Birthday, Renske!

I cook, the Witteveen family visits, the dog gets petted and Renske runs around serving coffee. It’s Renske’s birthday again (in two days). We ordered an ebook from bebook almost 4 weeks ago, in plenty of time to enjoy it as a self-bought birthday present. It has yet to arrive, thanks to PayPal and mybebook. […]