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Living the Good Life

I finished reading a good book, “How Much is Enough? Money and the good life,” by R & E Skidelsky. In it the authors say that the good life, as scrutinized originally by Greek philosophers (as opposed to the life of earning and spending at break-neck speed) is composed of different elements, which they call […]

Walking through Amersfoort

Our Saint Nicholas present to ourselves is a book called “Nature in the Netherlands,” complete with several walks and bicycle rides. The author tells about the aspects of nature you can find in certain natural areas, such as coastal dunes, river clay, wetlands and limestone. Our first walk took us through a city, which is […]


Just seconds before I took the picture, Renske was reading out loud to Mik. And he seemed to enjoy it.

Hammer & Tickle

I’m enjoying reading this book, about Communist joles, by Ben Lewis. I’d like to quote one of the jokes he cites. Leonid Brezhnev wanted to commision a portrait to be entitled ‘Lenin in Poland’. Russian painters, being schooled strictly in the Realist school, were unable to paint an event that had never actually occurred. “Comrade […]